Surfer Talk

It’s a weekday morning. With our respective boyfriends at work, Dana and I paddle out on our foam longboards for a girls-only session. Fortunately, it’s not too busy on the water. We join two shortboarders in the lineup. “The only thing I got in there’s my wedding ring,” the younger guy is saying. Dark, wavy […]

A Longboard Race to the Train Station

I slam my laptop shut. I jam my feet into my felt moccasins, grab my black messenger bag and slam the front door, bang. I check my cellphone’s display. The Coaster, southbound to San Diego, leaves in five minutes. No time to walk. Our tiny apartment complex is cantilevered over six parking spots, so every heel […]

24 Hours In: Carlsbad

Thirty-five miles north of San Diego you’ll find the laid back beach town of Carlsbad. Walk in the sand, go for a surf, eat a fish taco and drink a micro-brew. Relax, you’re in SoCal. 7:00 a.m. Rise early to greet the Pacific. At the corner of Pine Avenue and the 101, you’ll find a […]

Sailors! These 5 Sailing Magazines Pay for Your Stories

I’m a big sailing enthusiast. When I’ve saved up to buy my own boat, my dream is to go cruising. In the mean time, I enjoy writing about my sailing experiences and plan on pitching to the following magazines: Attitudes & Latitudes Editor/Publisher: Bob Bitchin Address: PO Box 668, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 Email: Submission Guidelines: ‘Feature […]