Running My Own Half Marathon

[This is part two. Read part one here.] On race day, I got up before my alarm went off and was full of jitters. I cooked myself some eggs and toast. I braided my hair. Then, having too much time to spare, I spent a full five minutes obsessing over the possibility that my underwear […]

That Time I Decided to Run a Half Marathon

It wasn’t something I’d normally do on a whim. Normal whim decisions occur in the frozen food aisle, where instead of Vanilla Bean, I get crazy and pick up Moose Tracks. But acts of physical prowess? Meh. Deciding Thursday night to run a half marathon on Saturday morning — that’s serious spontaneity for me. On […]

Adieu, 2010

Another year, already? The new year is often rung in with deep sighs of nostalgia and lamentation. C’mon folks, let’s face it. Time is a moving target. You can never catch it, wrangle it, or slow it down. Take your best shot while you can. For me, 2010 was a bulls-eye. Before New Years Eve […]

Sailing Rubicon

A couple weekends ago, Kirk and I drove to St. Joseph, a quaint town (in the Mitten State) perched on a rambling bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. It was a short two-hour jaunt from Chicago around the southern edge of the big lake. After reaching St. Joseph, we headed toward its tiny downtown and then crossed […]