Chris & Kelly’s New House

In June, my sister and her boyfriend bought their first house. It’s a 20-minute drive outside the city of Eau Claire, situated amongst rye and corn fields, off a road that sees a half a dozen cars a day. Kelly says it’s in the country. I say it’s in the middle of nowhere. To be […]

Summer Throwback Part I: Canada, Michigan & Chicago

Now that it’s winter, time to remember the warm days of summer… ~ ~ ~ For three weeks in July, I traveled the Midwest. Kirk and I started the trip together in Michigan and Canada spending the week of the 4th hanging with his family, sailing Lake Erie and celebrating with our friends who got […]

In Memory of Opa

My grandfather passed away on Thursday. He was 87 years old. Heinz Goehring was an electrical engineer who worked for General Motors. During his career, he worked on NASA’s guidance systems for the Apollo missions. Later on, he set up production lines for the catalytic converter in the US, South Korea and many countries in […]

Wisconsin Wildlife: Toad & Turtle

“Do you think we should rescue him?” I asked. A toad the size of a tennis ball sat in a basement window well of my parents’ house, minding his own business. He’d been in there for a few hours. I know toads aren’t much for movement, but I was thinking he might have landed in […]