Yoga Promo Video

In our seven-ish years spent in the working world since Kirk and I graduated with BAs in Telecommunications, Information Studies & Media (I know, who named that degree), we’ve both veered away from what had been our primary subject of study: video production. I gravitated to still photography and freelance writing. Kirk ended up in […]

Investment Property No. 3

Sherwin Avenue, a two bed one bath condo, is officially in the books. Its story is different from Lunt Avenue’s (property no. 1), the empty canvas of a place in which we lived for a year, taking that long to paint, rewire the electrical and install a kitchen. Nor was it like Farwell Avenue (no. […]

Snapshots from Montreal

“You’re staying where?” asked Hadley. Kirk and I had just booked an Airbnb in Montreal for the weekend of Hadley and Phil’s wedding. It was a little pricier than we’d hoped for, but since both Kirk and I would be working remotely there, we wanted to make sure the space was comfortable. I told Hadley […]

San Francisco: Airbnb in Dogpatch

While our Airbnb host talked to us about keys, wifi, and and other mundane-but-necessary apartment details, I could barely contain my delight. As soon as he took off, I danced around the space, ran up and down the stairs, and climbed the exposed I-beam to look out the window. “You’re like a cat,” said Kirk. […]