Fourth of July in the Mitten State

Every year Kirk and I travel back to Michigan to celebrate the 4th of July with his family and friends. It was a tradition we were resigned to breaking this year because of expensive airfare and the sheer amount of traveling we’d already done. Four trips in the last four months: Nicaragua (Kirk’s 30th trip), […]

Maternity Photos: TC & Michelle

Portraits aren’t my thing. I’ve always found it hard to get into someone’s face with my camera. Personally I’ve always felt awkward in front of a lens, and I don’t wish to put others in the same situation. Upon hearing I’m a photographer, people ask if I shoot family portraits or weddings. Nope and nope. […]

Summer Throwback Part I: Canada, Michigan & Chicago

Now that it’s winter, time to remember the warm days of summer… ~ ~ ~ For three weeks in July, I traveled the Midwest. Kirk and I started the trip together in Michigan and Canada spending the week of the 4th hanging with his family, sailing Lake Erie and celebrating with our friends who got […]

Trip Kickoff

I just finished a piece of perfectly cooked DiGiorno pizza. A four decade-old mustard colored oven in our “fully equipped kitchen” at the StudioPLUS Deluxe Studios in Des Moines was responsible for the perfectly browned crust. Who would’ve thought? We left the driveway of Kirk’s parents’ house this morning… …and finished our first day of […]