Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My hair has been growing for over a year now, since the last time I had it cut while I was in New Zealand. It’s become so long and consequently more and more unmanageable, literally getting in tangles on a windy day. It definitely needed some sort of cut. I decided to go for broke […]

WIRED: Letter to the Editor

This post has nothing to do with me really, other than the fact that I read it in the ‘letters to the editor’ section of WIRED magazine, and I believe it is the most excellent rant about spam email. It made me laugh, hope you like it. Irate Letter of the Month Note that came […]

Goofy Foot Synapses

Ever since my bike got stolen – ARGH! – I have been relying on my wheeled piece of bamboo to get me places faster than just walking. I’m not shunning walking, walking is fantastic. Anyone who has seen Wall*E knows that, considering the course our increasingly lazy society is headed, we all could benefit from […]

To Buy or Not To Buy

So after much deliberation, Kirk and I decided against throwing caution to the wind — AKA $3,000 into a fixer-upper sailboat sitting on the shores of Indiana — and instead agreed to hang on to caution, that unexciting, yet sensible, and ultimately comforting ideal. Like the proverbial cliff jump, after your foot leaves the edge, […]