Investment Property No. 3

Sherwin Avenue, a two bed one bath condo, is officially in the books. Its story is different from Lunt Avenue’s (property no. 1), the empty canvas of a place in which we lived for a year, taking that long to paint, rewire the electrical and install a kitchen. Nor was it like Farwell Avenue (no. […]

Real Estate Mogul In Training

Last month, Kirk closed on investment property #2, a beautiful 2/2 condo on Farwell Ave in Rogers Park, Chicago. This property is only a couple blocks away from his first property, the condo on Lunt Ave where we lived in 2008-09. Kirk’s investment/retirement plan is to purchase a rental property every five years. Since he […]

Chicago ‘L’

On my most recent trip to Chicago (Kirk and I’ve been twice in the last four weeks), I got the chance to bum around with my camera shooting whatever captured my fancy. After perusing through the images, I found that most included the ‘L’ in some way, either the trains themselves, the tracks, or the […]

Summer Throwback Part I: Canada, Michigan & Chicago

Now that it’s winter, time to remember the warm days of summer… ~ ~ ~ For three weeks in July, I traveled the Midwest. Kirk and I started the trip together in Michigan and Canada spending the week of the 4th hanging with his family, sailing Lake Erie and celebrating with our friends who got […]