A Kayaking Story for the Hobie Blog

I wrote the following story about a kayaking trip on the Colorado River for the Hobie blog. Exploring the Black Canyon of the Colorado: A Hobie Playground “Isn’t that overkill?” My friend, Phil, and I were discussing our upcoming weekend trip to Black Canyon, the stretch of the Colorado River below the Hoover Dam. He’d just listed […]

Our Wedding

Kirk and I got married this past April in Oceanside, California. It was sunny and hot, probably the warmest weekend we had all spring. The ceremony was held at a park across the Strand from the beach, and the reception on a hotel rooftop with a view of the pier. Weddings. They’re so hyped in […]

Chris & Kelly’s New House

In June, my sister and her boyfriend bought their first house. It’s a 20-minute drive outside the city of Eau Claire, situated amongst rye and corn fields, off a road that sees a half a dozen cars a day. Kelly says it’s in the country. I say it’s in the middle of nowhere. To be […]

Student Debt Free

“I did it.” It was Wednesday morning. Kirk and I were sitting at our desks in our home office. “Did what?” said Kirk, looking up from his computer. I spun my desk chair to face him. “I paid off my loans.” “Just now?” “Just now. $1296.82. Last principle payment.” “Are you serious?” He cracked a […]