Paris For Cheap

It’s not surprising Paris has been ranked among the 10 most expensive cities in the world.┬áIf you’re on a budget, does that mean you have to skip the notoriously pricey City of Light? No way. My mom and I explored Paris for under $99/day per person. This included lodging, food, transportation and sightseeing. (For the […]

Showdown at the Eiffel Tower

“Excuse me, could we use that bench?” My mom and I looked at each other. We looked back at the photographer, then at the groom, his arm around his bride, the entourage in tuxedos. All of them looked at us with earnest. Mom and I looked down at our picnic. We had just finished unpacking, […]

Bonjour, Paris

Five days in Paris. Just my mom and me. I had one mission: keep us both from getting lost. I failed in the first minute. After getting off the subway at Place d’ Italie and climbing a half dozen staircases up and down (think MC Escher in 3D), we emerged to find ourselves in the […]