Rhein River Cruise

It’s a 1-hour drive from Koblenz, the little city with the flower show, to Bingen, where Gudrun would pick us up to take us back to the vineyard. My parents and I, however, had no car. We didn’t rent one either. To travel the 60km, we took the scenic route: a 6-hour riverboat cruise down […]

Gondola Ride in Koblenz

When was the last time you took a gondola ride? Did you have a pair of skis clutched in your gloved hands? Were you on the edge of your seat, excited as all get out to reach the top of the mountain? Gondola rides get┬ámy adrenaline pumping. Know what else gets me excited? Knowing a […]

Cologne Cathedral

It was chilly out, at last. Not that I wanted the cold, but it was more fitting, considering the season. It had been 70+ degrees out during our days on the vineyard and in Bremen. Now, Germany had finally┬árealized it was October. Gudrun and Tomas dropped my parents and I off at our hotel in […]

Bremen City Tour

It’s been a little while since I’ve written about my trip to Germany & Paris that I took with my parents in October. There’s still Cologne, a Rhein cruise, and Paris to tell you about! If you are new here or need to catch up, have a look at these posts: Germany & Paris in […]