Two Gringos Go Surfing

I woke up with a hangover. At least it felt like one. Though I’m no biology buff, it shouldn’t take my liver 12 hours to metabolize the alcohol from two (rather girly) drinks from the night before. Maybe it was dehydration. Or lack of exercise. An omega-3/omega-6 imbalance? Rolling out of the wrong side of the bed. The […]

Two Gringos in Manuel Antonio Get Less Than Crazy

The evening started with this drink… …and then promptly ended at 6:30 p.m. Really. The two of us razzy youngsters were tucked in our motel beds (yes “beds” plural – twin beds on opposite sides of the room) and asleep by half past 7. It doesn’t sound razzy or young to be already snoozing around the time […]

Two Gringos on a Road Trip

So far, so good. We had cleared the city limit of San Jose and the darting and swerving of rush hour traffic. This was not like Chicago. Chicago drivers are kittens let out of their cage. San Jose drivers are Dobermans after a pork chop. And the motorcycles. So many of them. Splitting lanes like […]

Into the Jungle (on the Beaten Path)

Last night I managed to peel Kirk away from the TV screen (the Redwings’ playoff game was a nail-bitter) to run an errand in the name of survival. Next week, we’re going camping. And I don’t have a sleeping bag. How strange. We humans can’t venture into the outdoors for even one night without dragging along […]