Sailing in Cancun

Here’s part III of our Cancun trip taken last November (part I: wedding and part II: island). Our last full day in Cancun was my mom’s 60th birthday. She wanted to go snorkeling; it’s her favorite thing to do. During our bareboat charter in Australia six years ago she went snorkeling five separate times in […]

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This is another throwback to last November; it’s part II of our trip to Cancun we took for my cousin’s wedding. My mom’s 60th happened to fall a few days after the wedding, and since the whole family (my parents, my sister, Kirk and Chris) would all be in the same locale, convincing us to […]

Lindsey & Tom’s Wedding

Back in November, my cousin Lindsey and her husband Tom got married at the Hard Rock in the Riviera Maya, a beautiful stretch of coastline along the Caribbean side of the Yucat√°n Peninsula. The region, known for its all-inclusive resorts, is dotted with palm trees, lounge chairs, and trimmed with white sand beaches. For three […]

Nicaragua: Magnific Rock

I’m skipping ahead in my Nicaragua trip narrative, but after this post and this post, I feel something light-hearted is warranted. Because this trip wasn’t spent in constant fear of thieves. Overall, Kirk and I lucked out. We weren’t robbed, we had no bad run-ins with the police, and encountered not a single Nicaraguan who […]