30 Day Project: #22 – Australia Throwback

This might might be cheating on my own project, but hey, I figure I can pick through the archives at least once. Kirk took this photo of me at Whitehaven Beach in 2006. This gorgeous white sand beach was one of the stops on our three-day sailing excursion through the Whitsunday Islands. I fell in […]

Swimming with Batfish

It’s been two years since Kirk and I returned from our trip to Australia. I’m now getting around to writing about the bareboat sailing charter we took with my mom and a couple friends, Christina and Nathalie (whom I worked with in Sydney), through the Whitsunday Islands. Below is a short story about Nathalie overcoming […]

Adieu, 2010

Another year, already? The new year is often rung in with deep sighs of nostalgia and lamentation. C’mon folks, let’s face it. Time is a moving target. You can never catch it, wrangle it, or slow it down. Take your best shot while you can. For me, 2010 was a bulls-eye. Before New Years Eve […]

Whitsundays Sailing

It’s been over a week since my last shower. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been on a catamaran, cruising the through the Whitsunday Islands, wind filling the sails… It’s the stuff dreams are made of. There wasn’t a complete lack of hygiene. I did once wash my hair in a bucket of saltwater. Other […]