Real Estate Photos: 3 Properties + 1 Client

I’ve mentioned before how much I love repeat clients. They already trust you, making the entire experience more pleasant and efficient. The client for whom I shot the following three properties has been one of my favorites. He owns a remodeling company, and is therefore in the business of pleasing his own clients, yet still […]

The Photographer Gets Shot

Not often am I caught in front of the camera — especially during real estate shoots — but every now and then one of my clients will turn the tables on me. Below are photos that my clients shot of me in action, followed by the photo I was shooting at the time. See me […]

Real Estate Photos: Spanish Colonial Vacation Rental in La Jolla

This house contained a lot of stuff, i.e. ornate furniture, rugs, drapes, knick-knacks, plants; multi-colored rugs, upholstery, tiles and paint. Editing photos for a house like this is typically very labor-intensive, not necessarily because of all of the stuff, but because of the variety of lights illuminating that stuff. Different light sources show up as […]

Real Estate Photos: Seaside Vacation Rental at Sunset in Encinitas

Although I’ve shot at sunset in the past, I’ve never had to deal with the sun streaming directly through the windows into my lens. Fortunately, with some strategic tripod placement I was able to block it with a door frame when it was still too bright. Then, when it became a pleasant orange ball on […]