Phil & Hadley’s Wedding

Last month in Montreal, in a beautiful park on a warm summer evening, our friends Phil and Hadley were married. The ceremony took place next to a tower that looked like a life-size rook from chess. Inside the tower was cocktail hour seating, an oyster bar, and a staircase to 360-degree city views. My date. […]

Real Estate Photos: 3 Properties + 1 Client

I’ve mentioned before how much I love repeat clients. They already trust you, making the entire experience more pleasant and efficient. The client for whom I shot the following three properties has been one of my favorites. He owns a remodeling company, and is therefore in the business of pleasing his own clients, yet still […]

The Photographer Gets Shot

Not often am I caught in front of the camera — especially during real estate shoots — but every now and then one of my clients will turn the tables on me. Below are photos that my clients shot of me in action, followed by the photo I was shooting at the time. See me […]

Real Estate Photos: Spanish Colonial Vacation Rental in La Jolla

This house contained a lot of stuff, i.e. ornate furniture, rugs, drapes, knick-knacks, plants; multi-colored rugs, upholstery, tiles and paint. Editing photos for a house like this is typically very labor-intensive, not necessarily because of all of the stuff, but because of the variety of lights illuminating that stuff. Different light sources show up as […]