Travel to Brisbane

finish packing say goodbyes to our roommates ryan, mikey, celeste & andy take last minute photos of the beach & the house bus from byron to brisbane sit at a café, order coffee and a burger, play hangman taxi to mark’s apartment, hang out, chat dinner:  mark’s wicked lasagna, tim tam crushes for dessert Toohey’s […]

Last Day in Byron Bay

start packing intend to surf, but waves are too big… swim instead while kirk surfs (his last surf in byron) build surfboard travel box dinner out: beloporto chicken sandwich & Solo lemon-lime

Saturday BBQ Party

check internet & grocery shop $10 supreme pizza w/Toohey’s cider hang out on the beach; kirk goes for a surf take photos of railroad at sunset PARTY!  BBQ on verandah w/ housemates, Christina & Natalie, housemates’ friends; into the night

Kitchen Hot Spot

rain, rain, rain begin organizing all photos from Australia drive w/ Andy to his yellow house & to his brother Nick’s sprawling bachelor pad in the woods lunch; crack open Yalumba rosé have a few beers with the roommates; turn on all burners of the stove to warm the freezing kitchen, fire alarm goes off