In the last half decade, I’ve moved around from place to place quite a bit, be it to the next state over or that country down under. These are my most memorable trips:

Australia | May – Jun 2006

First cross-Pacific adventure. Little did I know, I’d make the journey two more times in the next four years. I went this first time to chase after visit Kirk who was spending a semester abroad in Brisbane.

New Zealand | Jun – Dec 2007

One year later, I traveled to New Zealand for my own semester abroad. The slogan for Michigan State’s study abroad program is “It’s not if you go, it’s when.” Ah, most certainly. Even if you have to go into debt, don’t miss the opportunity. Read more >>

Fiji | Aug 2007

In the middle of my semester abroad, Kirk and I rendezvoused here after being apart for three months. Snorkeling and hiking were the mainstays of this trip.

Chicago | May 2008 – Dec 2009

After graduating from MSU, I moved to the Windy City. Kirk bought a condo in the neighborhood of Roger’s Park, and together we spent the better part of a year flippin’ that piece (of fine real estate).

Costa Rica | Mar – Apr 2009

I spent five weeks in the country of pura vida shooting a documentary film for The Abraham Project. Read more >>

California | Jan 2010

This trip was a preamble to the Australia adventure (just below). Kirk, my sister and I drove up and down Route 1 admiring the California coastline and visiting friends in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Australia | Feb – Jun 2010

Our “seize life now” trip. During the first time in Australia we made a promise to go back. Fully aware that we’re only getting older, we thought, why wait? Read more >>

Midwest | July – Dec 2010

After 5 months on the other side of the world, we spent some time in Michigan & Wisconsin hanging out with family and friends, and getting back on our (financial) feet. Our friends TC & Michelle let us stay with them in their giant house on Coon Lake, and I skied as much as I could. We also worked on some Hollywood films shooting in and around Detroit.

San Diego | Jan 2011 – Present