I’ve mentioned before how much I love repeat clients. They already trust you, making the entire experience more pleasant and efficient. The client for whom I shot the following three properties has been one of my favorites. He owns a remodeling company, and is therefore in the business of pleasing his own clients, yet still has enough congeniality to share with his contractors (me). Genuine kindness to fellow human beings, especially in business transactions, can never be taken for granted. ☼

Kitchen remodel in Chula Vista:

01_Chula Vista Kitchen Remodel

Bathrooms remodel in Bonita:

02_Bonita Bath Remodel_01

03_Bonita Bath Remodel_02

04_Bonita Bath Remodel_03

Kitchen + Bedroom + Bath remodel in Oceanside:

05_Oceanside Remodel_01

06_Oceanside Remodel_02

07_Oceanside Remodel_03

08_Oceanside Remodel_04

09_Oceanside Remodel_05

10_Oceanside Remodel_06

11_Oceanside Remodel_07

12_Oceanside Remodel_08

13_Oceanside Remodel_09

14_Oceanside Remodel_10

15_Oceanside Remodel_11