Every year Kirk and I travel back to Michigan to celebrate the 4th of July with his family and friends. It was a tradition we were resigned to breaking this year because of expensive airfare and the sheer amount of traveling we’d already done. Four trips in the last four months: Nicaragua (Kirk’s 30th trip), Santa Cruz (friends reunion), Wisconsin (wedding), and Nevada (camping).

Last minute, Kirk was able to find affordable tickets and I was miraculously able to take off work. We spent eight days in Michigan hanging out on the lakes, windsurfing, waterskiing, taking the kid cousins for boat rides, drinking too much beer and eating lots of Zukey Lake Tavern pizza. To top it off, my parents drove over from Wisconsin to spend the weekend with us.

July 4th - Michigan_01

July 4th - Michigan_03

Strawberry Lake at sunset.

July 4th - Michigan_04

July 4th - Michigan_05

July 4th - Michigan_06

Kirk catching some wind.

July 4th - Michigan_07

Getting ready for a ski set on Coon Lake.

July 4th - Michigan_08

Okay all, this is impressive: My mother, who’s slowly closing in on 60, (sorry Mom, it’s to make a point) is still ripping up the lake. The only reason she’s on two skis instead of one is because it’s been so long since she last skied she forgot which foot she used to put in front. Unfortunately she picked the wrong one, and didn’t realize it until and after she attempted several times to drop a ski and in doing so turned her arms to Jell-O. Slalom or not, she was grinning.

July 4th - Michigan_09

July 4th - Michigan_10

My turn. Yew!

July 4th - Michigan_11

Rooftop deck at Zukey Lake Tavern. The gang’s (mostly) here! From left to right: Maureen (Kirk’s sister), Will (Maureen’s boyfriend), Val (Kirk’s mom), Kevin (Kirk’s dad), Craig (my dad), me and Kirk. Heidi (my momma) is camera-op.

July 4th - Michigan_12

“Just a sip, promise.”

July 4th - Michigan_13

Cool off.

July 4th - Michigan_14

Base Line Lake sandbar party.

July 4th - Michigan_15

July 4th - Michigan_16

Canal between Base Line Lake and Portage Lake.

July 4th - Michigan_17

July 4th - Michigan_18

July 4th - Michigan_19

July 4th - Michigan_20

Pre-fireworks show parties.

July 4th - Michigan_21

July 4th - Michigan_22

Happy 4th!

July 4th - Michigan_23

July 4th - Michigan_24

July 4th - Michigan_25

July 4th - Michigan_26

Since Kirk’s parents’ house was bursting with out of town guests, my parents, Kirk and I stayed a few doors down in the guest house of family friends. Thanks again, Kyle and Tim!

July 4th - Michigan_27

July 4th - Michigan_28

Sunday morning we went to breakfast before my parents took off for Wisconsin. I ordered this massive piece of french toast. I had no choice — they only offered one size.

July 4th - Michigan_29

A few nights later Kirk’s parents, his grandma, Kirk and I went out to this cool new restaurant in Flint called the Firehouse, located in a former fire station.

July 4th - Michigan_30

Last outing of our MI trip: The quaint town of Chelsea, where we took Kirk’s other grandma out for lunch and perused the shops.

July 4th - Michigan_31

July 4th - Michigan_32

Chelsea is home to the Jiffy plant. The air smelled nothing of cornbread. You’d think it would. Bummer.

July 4th - Michigan_33

We happened to park right outside this flower shop. Why yes, I’ll take a daisy, thanks! (Which I promptly gave it to Kirk’s grandma to take home.) ☼

July 4th - Michigan_34