May/June contains a smaller amount of my work compared to previous issues. I was offered the opportunity to write a feature, but turned it down as our Nicaragua trip didn’t leave me much time to finish it by its due date. Ah well. Not every issue can be a slam dunk — like March/April (my favorite issue, so far!).

May/June does contain two of my favorite portraits to date. I wrote and shot a short piece on Gunnar Biggs, a local string bass player and teacher. I had a lovely time interviewing him and his wife, Bonnie, at their home in Carlsbad. Bonnie had coffee and banana bread for me, and I made friends with their two dogs, Koshi and AJ, both rescue pups. A few days after the interview, I rode my bike with camera in tow to It’s a Grind, a coffee shop in the Village, to get a shot of Biggs performing with Bill Bradbury, a mandolin player. It was a real pleasure to put together the piece. Read a PDF version of the story here.


The second portrait is of the CEO, president and founder of Join Hands Save a Life, Frank Sorino. His organization is dedicated to helping ‘at-risk,’ low-income youth in Carlsbad. Join Hands Save A Life started in Sorino’s garage — which he converted into a gym — to give kids a place to learn and practice boxing, positively channeling their energy and keeping them out of trouble. Sorino is now building a free youth center/gym to expand the organization’s reach. We need more people like him in our world. ☼