This 2/1 vacation rental doesn’t look like much from the outside. It’s location, underneath a canopy of power lines on the corner of an alley, made capturing a decent exterior near impossible.

Fortunately, the interior picked up the slack. The owner concerned herself with every chair position, flower accent and pillow fluff. She must have spent hours prepping the place.

When I arrived, she was making margaritas to stage the patio table. I shot the patio first. As soon as I finished and moved inside, she declared it was 5 o’clock somewhere. Couldn’t let those margaritas go to waste. Besides, they were well-deserved. The bungalow was more than ready for its close-ups.

We even managed to grab a shot of her hyperactive deaf lap dog next to the pet food dishes. (This dog was having none of that sitting or staying nonsense.) Vacationing in San Diego with a pup? The Hillcrest Bungalow is pet-friendly. ☼

01_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

02_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

03_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

04_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

05_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

06_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

07_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

08_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

09_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

10_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

11_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

12_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

13_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

14_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography

15_Hillcrest-Bungalow_real estate photography