Portraits aren’t my thing. I’ve always found it hard to get into someone’s face with my camera. Personally I’ve always felt awkward in front of a lens, and I don’t wish to put others in the same situation.

Upon hearing I’m a photographer, people ask if I shoot family portraits or weddings. Nope and nope. Shooting weddings is low-level torture for me for three reasons:

  • Sappy romantic I am not.
  • The pressure that comes from needing to capture every key moment (the kiss, the cake in the face, etc.) isn’t enjoyable for me.
  • At a wedding, I’d much rather have a drink in my hand than a camera.

That being said, I have made a few portrait shoot exceptions. Last December, Michelle, one of Kirk’s closest friends from Michigan, asked if we’d shoot her maternity photos. She knew exactly what she wanted: she had a location picked out, insisted she only needed “a couple good ones,” and said she would print the photos herself. Simple.

And, I didn’t have to shoot alone. Kirk and I shot together, one of us holding the camera, the other a bounce card; then we’d switch. Being able to hand off the camera to someone else with a different perspective eased any pressure. Lastly, TC and Michelle are our good friends; they’re low-maintenance, easygoing and relaxed in front of the camera — all of which made this shoot a breeze. ☼