By now I’ve made it rather well known that my photo made the cover of Carlsbad Magazine’s March/April issue. Yew!

But, besides this gorgeous cover shot, did you know that I also landed my first…

Cover - MarApr 2014



Yeah, baby. That is one. hot. steak.



This was my biggest story yet, and it was a beast to complete. I went to seven different restaurants to interview chefs, managers and bartenders, and to photograph the food, beers and tap handles. I researched the beers, edited the photos, and wrote the story. It was a ton of work, but a lot of fun. Best parts? Meeting a lot of cool people and eating loads of free food. And, developing my food photography skills and experience (which previously consisted mainly of this).

Read the PFD version here.


I also shot the above portrait of Julian Padilla, the honorary consul general of Palau in San Diego. The lighting in his home office was just perfect for this shoot.

Palau, who? what? you ask. It’s a tiny island nation on the other side of the Pacific, just east of the Philippines. Here, exactly. Maybe Kirk and I will visit it one day via sailboat.

The May/June issue came out last week… Stay tuned.

Next up: more Nicaragua photos. ☼