Real Estate Photos: Single-Family in Olde Carlsbad

Every once and a while I’ll meet an agent who’s personality rivals the size of the house he’s trying to sell.


This house was big, too. Not mansion proportions, but big enough to include an attached apartment, a foyer and dining room with a two-story ceiling, and a backyard large enough — even in Olde Carlsbad where space is at a premium — for a serious game of t-ball.



In the future, when I see the address of this property in my records, it won’t be the house I remember.


The agent was a born and bred Carlsbadian, but now lives in Las Vegas. He was back in Carlsbad for stint helping his sister sell her house. “So, tell me about the market,” he said. “Tell me about my competition. What are these agents like that you’ve been working with?”


He was very inquisitive about my process and methods, the equipment and software I use. “So is that a fish-eye or what are we talking here?”


He was a perfectionist. I’d start shooting my set of bracketed images for a room and “Wait!” he’d say, running into the frame. “Are you sure that basket looks good? Maybe we shoot lose it, what do you think? Yes? No? Maybe move it over here? No — over there, by the wine bottles. What if we throw some fruit in it? Lauren? You’re the pro here, I’m just the lackey — you tell me.”


He liked to make everyone feel good about themselves, not just for personal gain, but sincerely (for the most part).

“What will it take to steal you away?” he asked.


“From the other agents. What if I want you as my exclusive photographer?”

I laughed. “You’ve got three properties a week for me, we’ve got a deal.”

“Good. Because you and me, we can take over the market.” ☼


Real Estate Photos: Little Italy Loft

Little Italy Loft 1 - Exterior

Little Italy Loft 2 - Entry

Little Italy Loft 3 - Living

Little Italy Loft 4 - Kitchen

Little Italy Loft 5 - Bath

Little Italy Loft 6 - Bedroom

Little Italy Loft 7 - Patio

I photographed this loft in Little Italy back in August. This is the third property I’ve shot for this client, and her properties are some of my favorites to date. The other two — a beautiful vacation rental in Rancho Santa Fe and a townhouse in La Jolla — are decorated just like this loft with tasteful mid-century modern finishes.

See the La Jolla Townhouse. ☼

Published in Carlsbad Magazine!


My first magazine article, ever(!) was published in the September/October issue of Carlsbad Magazine. The article is about a local surf shop and includes my photos, too. I poured my heart and soul into this little article, and I’m pretty happy with it. (The shop’s tagline is “Purveyors of Rad,” hence all the “rad” in the article.)

I also shot photos for a story on an English pub. These were my first food shots, and also my first night/indoor shoot for the magazine. I learned a lot after seeing the images printed. Newbie mistake: I edited the photos like I do my real estate photos — as if the viewer would see them on a computer screen. Printed images always appear darker than their onscreen counterparts. Mine turned out a smidge too dark, in my opinion. I received only praise for the images from my higher ups, but I think I can do better next time.

9.5-Commerce_Seaworthy 9.5-Dining-Spotlight_Stag-and-Lion

  • The surf shop story can be read here.
  • The English pub photos can be seen up close here.

The upcoming November/December issue will include my story and photos about a local florist, my photos of a pair of triathletes (a mom and daughter), my shots of a local restaurant and possibly a few more photos here and there. Exciting! ☼

Real Estate Photos: La Mesa Ranch


When I pulled up in front of this house, I sighed. Unimpressive, no?

I still haven’t learned my lesson — still judging books by their covers.










What an awesome kitchen! Contemporary finishes throughout, a beautiful little backyard… a lovely 3/2 ranch.

I did this shoot back in May on my way to the San Diego airport to catch a flight to Wisconsin. A shoot and a flight in the same morning? Just getting to the airport always makes me a little anxious; it’s not like meeting friends for drinks. If anything happens — you can’t find your keys at the last minute, the freeway is at a standstill because of a rolled semi, whatever — your friends may or may not wait for you (who cares), but your plane surely will not.

My flight? I made it. Haven’t missed one (on account of my own lateness), yet. Knock on wood. ☼