The real estate market is slowing down, and so is my shooting schedule. It’s funny; all I wanted this summer – when I was buried under a full calendar of real estate shoots and magazine assignments – was more time to surf and write. Now that I have the time, I’m paralyzed with opportunity overload. Not with surfing opportunities; lately the ocean has been pretty flat, and it’s rained quite a bit (more rain = more runoff polluting the sea). This blog, on the other hand, has yet to see anything from my birthday trip to Malibu, my epic dozen-property shoot in La Jolla, snapshots from my three weeks in the Midwest this July, and both trips to Catalina Island.

Kirk is off to London tomorrow on a business trip for 10 days. I’ll have some down time to be productive.

Here’s my favorite property as of late: a 2/2 vacation condo in Solana Beach with private beach access. ☼

Solana Beach Condo - 13 - Exterior-1

Solana Beach Condo - 02 - Living-1

Solana Beach Condo - 04 - Bath

Solana Beach Condo - 05 - Dining-1

Solana Beach Condo - 06 - Dining-2

Solana Beach Condo - 07 - Kitchen

Solana Beach Condo - 08 - Guest-Bed

Solana Beach Condo - 10 - Master-Bed

Solana Beach Condo - 12 - Master-Bath-1

Solana Beach Condo - 01 - Exterior-2

Solana Beach Condo - 14 - Beach