While digging through some old photos I found this batch I shot exactly 9 months ago today.

My friend Dominic and I drove to the harbor for a sunset surf session. The waves were a smidgen big (ok, they were way too huge) and crowded for me, so I walked the length of the jetty with my camera while Dom jumped in the water with his board.

I started shooting at ISO 800. As the sun set, I kept upping the ISO hoping I’d get a good shot of Dom. Never satisfied, I ended up shooting all they way through twilight. My ISO ended up at 6400 — you can see the resulting noise in the last few photos. It got to the point where I couldn’t see through my viewfinder anymore. Just as I decided to call it quits, I took my face from the camera and… surprise! A set wave crashed onto the rocks and drenched me from the waist down.

What were you doing 9 months ago, today? ☼

Oceanside Harbor_01

Oceanside Harbor_02

Oceanside Harbor_03

Oceanside Harbor_04

Oceanside Harbor_05

Oceanside Harbor_06

Oceanside Harbor_07

Oceanside Harbor_08

Oceanside Harbor_09

Oceanside Harbor_10

Oceanside Harbor_11

Oceanside Harbor_12

Oceanside Harbor_13

Oceanside Harbor_14