The four of us — Kirk, his parents, Kevin and Val, and I — spent Easter Sunday in the desert. In the comfort of the car’s A/C, I read aloud the average temperatures of the summer months in Borrego Springs during our drive to the slot canyon trailhead. June through October: over 100°. Did I mention that’s the average? Highs are over 120&#176.

“People live here year-round?” asked Kevin.

Believe it or not, people do.

We all agreed: the desert is an amazing and unique place. But, there’s a reason why the Bible says Jesus fasted for forty days in the desert. It wasn’t supposed to be a walk in the park.

Desert Slot Canyon - 03

Spring temperatures in the mid-seventies for Anza-Borrego seem pleasant enough. Still, dawdling around outside the visitor’s center in the direct desert sun, I started sweating. A hike through the slot canyon would be shaded and comfortable.

Desert Slot Canyon - 04

Arriving at the canyon’s rim, we parked and made the descent on foot. The trail started wide, then quickly narrowed.

Desert Slot Canyon - 05

On the floor, it was quiet.

Desert Slot Canyon - 07

A close look revealed water’s fingerprints in the texture of the walls.

Desert Slot Canyon - 06

It was hard to imagine a flash flood ripping through such a quiet space.

Desert Slot Canyon - 08

Desert Slot Canyon - 09

After making it through the windy narrows, we could’ve walked the rim back to the car, but we opted to backtrack along the floor. Shimmying through the canyon was more fun. ☼

Desert Slot Canyon - 10

Desert Slot Canyon - 11

Desert Slot Canyon - 02

Desert Slot Canyon - 01

Interested in visiting Anza-Borrego? Go during wildflower season (March & April). The flowers are beautiful.