Kirk and I celebrated his 29th birthday on blue, under canvas. We rented a Catalina Capri 22 from Harbor Yacht Club and set off through San Diego Bay out to the Pacific.

Birthday Sailing - 01

Birthday Sailing - 02

Birthday Sailing - 06

Birthday Sailing - 03

I’m all smiles above, but after clearing Point Loma, I started feeling seasick. Going back and forth between the cockpit and the cooler below to replenish beers and food every few minutes was a mistake. I headed to the foredeck and hung onto a shroud to try to shake the nausea.

Birthday Sailing - 04

Birthday Sailing - 05

We tacked back and forth out in the ocean until the wind died and showed no signs of picking up. Kirk then pointed us back into the bay, sailing the boat by these lovable guys. They cheered me up immensely.

Birthday Sailing - 07

In the bay, the rollers died. I lied down on the cockpit bench, my head on Kirk’s leg while he steered. The boat gently rocked back and forth like a hammock. The afternoon sun felt warm. My nausea melted away. Now this was perfect.

Birthday Sailing - 08

The only thing left to do: birthday cake. I sang — albeit horribly off-tune — the Happy Birthday song to Kirk.

Birthday Sailing - 09

Now, how are we going fulfill our dream of sailing around the world when I get seasick from a few minutes on the open ocean? No worries, it’s figured out. Either 1) Kirk will cook while I stay above to man the helm and/or 2) we’re getting a catamaran. ☼

Birthday Sailing - 10