Two weeks back, my family met for a long weekend in Florida. We stayed at my grandparents’ condo in Punta Rassa, from which it’s only a few-minute drive across the causeway to Sanibel Island.

It was cold for a day at the beach, just 65 degrees. I was in my bikini for ten minutes before I had to throw my shirt back on. It was the warmest day we had during our entire trip, so we took what beach time we could get. Kelly found a frisbee in the surf. We tossed it back and fourth until the previous owner saw us and put two and two together. Mom scoured the beach for shells and played with her Canon Rebel; Dad read The Glass Castle.

Florida Beach - 1

Florida Beach - 2

Florida Beach - 3

Florida Beach - 4

Florida Beach - 5

Florida Beach - 6

Florida Beach - 7

[Above: Drinks at The Mucky Duck, a beachside restaurant on Captiva Island.] ☼