Kelly loves the water. I remember summer days at my grandparents’ lake, Kelly puttering around the shallow end, following the fish, digging around in the sand… She was always first in and last out. She likes swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, skim boarding, river floating — any activity you can do in the water.

Naturally, she had to try surfing during her visit to SD.

We took her out on a Saturday morning. It was cloudy, cold, and the waves were 1-3 feet. Normally weekends are busy on the water, but the lousy conditions kept most of the locals out. Perfect.

Getting into a wetsuit can be quite a production.

Grab your board, let’s do this.

The newbie heads out.

OK, Kelly, we’re going to do some land practice.

You’re familiar with yoga, right?

Ooh, I want in on Surfing 101.

Before you stand up, lift your chest into upward dog.

And jump up like this?
Yep, and stay low.

Off we go.

Whoo that’s, brisk.

Keep that nose up.

Waiting… waiting.

Look, Kirk’s got one.

Cross-stepping like a pro.

What’s this…

Party wave!

High five!

Kel’s got one!

Pelican patrol.

I get one.

Nah, don’t paddle for that one.

This one’s better.

I go left,

Kirk goes right.

Kelly gets another.

Whoo, no hands!

Dominic gets one in the corner.

Me on my last.

Kirk goes over, we go under,

turtle roll.

Dom on another.

I’m out.

Kirk cruising.

Dom gives Kelly a push…

She’s got it.

So does Kirk.

Part wave, number two! ☼