My family came to California for the first time since I moved here. It’s been a busy, busy last couple weeks. My parents and my sister, even my aunt and uncle came. Stoked!

Aunt Jayne and Uncle Dave drove over from Arizona with my parents in tow. They stayed for three days before taking off back home to Scottsdale. My parents stayed for another week, joined the following weekend by my sister.

Below are shots from sightseeing with Dave, Jayne, Mom & Dad:

A walk to the ocean, Robert C Frazee Beach.

Dinner at Le Papagayo.

Drinks at Hotel del Coronado.

Maritime Museum in San Diego.

A late afternoon stroll,

seal watching,

and sunset in La Jolla.

Watching Dominic and Paul surf Tamarack South Jetty.

Lunch at Lighthouse, Oceanside Harbor.

A visit to RELM,

with personal wine recommendations from yours truly.

On the job.

Post-shift chinese checkers.

More snapshots to come! Walking Sunset cliffs, surfing with Kelly, tour of Ocean Beach …