It was 7:30 a.m., rainy and cold outside. The surf report wasn’t good: high tide + tiny waves. Under normal circumstances, Kirk and I would still be under the covers. But this was a special occasion. My aunt and uncle were in town just for a few days, and they couldn’t leave without watching us jump in the ocean with our surfboards.

Spoiler alert: the surf was terrible. There are no magazine-worthy action shots to be seen here. However, these photos are rare in their own right, because Kirk and I couldn’t take these ourselves. Only my mom could and would get photos of us pulling on our wetsuits, walking down the sidewalk, bobbing in the water, and afterwards walking back grinning like happy puppies. Thanks to you, Mom, for documenting such a special part of our lives here in SoCal.

Thanks to Uncle Dave, too, for the handful of action shots that are included. We didn’t give you much to work with, but you caught some regardless! ☼