Yo tengo hambre,” says Dominic. We’ve just peeled off our wetsuits. “You guys want breakfast?”

“I want a pancake,” I say.

“Shall we go Donward?” asks Dom. He loves puns.

Don’s Country Kitchen: the post-surf breakfast spot.

We sit on the patio. All three of us order coffee, though Chris’ cup contains less coffee than sugar. Dom vents about work; I empathize. I get details from Chris about his upcoming trip–he’s leaving us again–for over a month. In October it was Mexico, now Florida, in a couple months Costa Rica …

Dom gets the french toast with blueberries. Chris, the California omelette. I get the #1: an egg, home fries and a pancake–the perfect amount of savory and sweet.

After cleaning our plates, we lean back in the oversized plastic deck chairs. Surf, food, and friends. It’s not even noon, yet the day already feels fulfilled. ☼