The 30 Day Project. It feels official. Like it should have it’s own font and color. It’s own logo. You know, because logos make things official…

… but that’s what I need. Formality. A rubber stamp. Paperwork. Signatures. I need to be held responsible for my own creative goals. When life gets busy, or lazy, or the swell’s good, the creative stuff–writing and photography–are the first to get pushed to the back burner. I need to reverse this. Why? One day, when I’m done having fun pouring drinks, writing and photography are how I want to make a living.

The 30 Day Project: November is my month of writing and photography. Every day I’m taking my camera out into the world and using it. And I’m writing… something. Anything. Every day. One hundred words, at least. It doesn’t sound like much, but my goal is every single day, and starting small is good.

Not much happens in November, save Thanksgiving. There are no big events or trips planned that might derail my goal. November is set up for success. Fingers crossed. ☼

Moonrise out my front door.

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