This weekend, I followed Kirk to his occasional part-time job as a wakeboard instructor & boat driver at California Watersports.

Every day he works is different. This Saturday he arrived at 9 a.m. to prep the boat. From 10 to noon he taught a wakeboard lesson. At 12:30, I brought him lunch and we ate together on the deck overlooking the lagoon.

A few minutes before 1, he waits outside the office for his next clients. Often he doesn’t know until they arrive if he’ll be teaching wakeboarding or just towing “tube rats” around.

As an employee, Kirk can use the watersports equipment for free. (California Watersports rents kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, water bikes, canoes and jet skis for use on the lagoon.) We took out the paddleboards one evening around sunset.

Killing time.

Kirk’s group arrives; it’s five boys and two adults who want to go tubing. For two and a half hours.

Now that sounds like heaps of fun! (Right, Kirk?) ☼