This weekend, an eagerly anticipated new toy arrived in the mail: a Gibbon Slackline.

A slackline is the love child of a tight rope and a balance beam. It’s wide, flat, and quite stretchy.

It’s simple to set up: attach it to a couple of palm trees (or elms, oaks, whatever’s in your neck of the woods), and ratchet it down to tighten it up. Then, hop on!

This of course, seemed much easier to say than do. When I first put one foot on the line, it wobbled so much I thought there’s no way on earth I’ll be able to stand on this thing — let alone put one foot in front of the other!

Kirk let me in on a secret. You can’t balance until you have two feet on the line. So, I lightly placed one foot on the line, and jumped up.

Kirk made it all the way across, and even took a few steps backwards.

After a few dozen attempts, I was able to string together nearly 10 steps! I was stoked.

Since Kirk mastered walking across, he started working on some basic tricks. You can watch him attempt to pop up on the line (two feet at the same time) here: Kirk Slackline pop-up.

Not only is slacklining a lot of fun, it’s an amazing core workout, too. After an hour, Kirk and I were tuckered out. ☼