I love fall. I love pumpkins and crisp leaves and apple cider donuts.

But Halloween? Halloween is for kids. Or people with kids. I’m neither. And, I don’t like scary stuff. I was freaking out last night watching the Halloween epsiode of Modern Family in which Claire, dressed up as a scary Little Bo Peep, tried to frighten her real estate agent husband, Phil, by turning the property he was showing into a haunted house. I was squirming on the couch, whining, “I don’t like this, I don’t like this!”

Kirk laughed at me. “Are you serious?”

Yes. I’m not a fan of Halloween.

Especially when I’m told I must dress up in a costume for work. Again, isn’t this crap for kids?

Apparently not.

I wanted to poke a couple holes in a sheet and put it over my head, but that would have made it rather difficult to pour wine without spilling or handle glasses without knocking them over. I’d have made a fantastic Cousin Itt, but unfortunately there would have been some hand-eye coordination problems with that one, too.

Thankfully my co-worker, Courtney, who had a cardboard box full of old Halloween costumes, saved me from my homemade ideas. She let me borrow Snow White.

On my bike ride to work, a few kids yelled, “Look, it’s Snow White!” Customers said, “You look so cute!” and asked me where my seven dwarves were. I felt like one of those actors from Disneyland. (My dress, however, was quite a bit shorter.)

Although, a few people did call me Alice. I think my hair–definitely more akin to Alice’s long & blonde than Snow White’s short & black–threw them off.

Dressing up was rather entertaining. It was a fun and silly change of pace at work.

After the shift was over, Courtney the Mad Hatter (sans hat), Camden the Rastafarian (cut ’em slack, cooks aren’t allowed to wear costumes), Taryn the Gypsy, Dominic the Sith Lord and Snow White all went to a costume party for drinks and fun.

I might like Halloween. Just a bit. ☼