This was a quick and easy shoot — namely, there was no house.

My favorite client, an agent from Escondido, called me to get shots of this vacant lot in Rancho Bernardo. Since there was no house to unlock, he didn’t have to be there. It was a solo shoot, my favorite kind. Just me, my camera and the adventure I make of it.

The northwest view over the valley is the selling point, so I needed to shoot a solid panorama. To get a high enough perspective, I left the dirt driveway, tip-toed through the brush (the tripod legs worked well to bat away prickly bushes) and scrambled to the top of a boulder.

Even though Rancho Bernardo is just a dozen miles inland from the coast, it’s often 10 to 20 degrees warmer. It’s not Mojave, but it’s definitely desert. After standing in the sun for a half hour, I was hot as heck and very thankful for my humble apartment near the ocean. ☼

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