When the sun’s out, but the waves aren’t, it’s kite-flying time.

I take the reins:

A few years ago when we lived in Chicago, Kirk was trying to figure out how to play on Lake Michigan. We really wanted a sailboat (and still do), but the logistics of owning a boat were too complicated. A surfboard would have been an affordable toy, but Lake Michigan isn’t great for surfing, unless you like freezing your balls off in Shiva’s bathtub in January.

Enter the kiteboarding kite. The kite Kirk bought is actually a trainer kite, meant to give a wannabe kiteboarder wings on land before locking into a board and jumping into the water. Even though it’s a trainer, this kite is serious. It’s 10 feet wide by 3 feet tall. The handle has a safety strap that attaches to your wrist, so if you trip and fall, the kite will collapse to the ground before it starts dragging you through the sand. On gustier days, the kite has lifted Kirk off the ground five to six feet in the air. This kite ain’t for kids.

Since we’ve moved away from Chicago and now live near the ocean, surfing is the hobby of choice. The trainer kite never led to the real thing, but even so, on a windy day we get kicks flying it on the beach. ☼