To say SoCal has four seasons is generous. The seasons here aren’t even close to the extremes that I grew up with in the Midwest. Even so, the winters are in fact cooler, the summers are warmer, and in spring the flowers do bloom. If you’re not looking out for it, you might miss a SoCal spring; it doesn’t knock you over the head like the springs do in other parts of the country, with complete floor-to-ceiling transformations from empty grays to screaming greens. In SoCal, most of the plants and trees are green year-round, so you have to look harder to notice the spring here. Last year, I don’t even remember seeing the flowers bloom. (I was still too enamored with the ocean.) This year, I made a note not to miss it.

As I walked down my street in Carlsbad getting these shots, I thought about my mom, a flower lover and avid flower photographer. These photos are for you, Mom. ☼

See full-size images below: