A few weeks ago I hopped on my bike and headed north on the 101. My (still fairly) new Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS (a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad) came along for the ride. Together we took some snapshots around Oceanside:

Things got a little sticky when my chain fell off. During the several attempts I made to put it back on, the grease gunked up my hands. A lot. My camera was in a perilous situation. I couldn’t touch it without ruining it. I imagined my camera — the dramatist that it is — telling me that, rather than watch me lose out on the amazing photo opportunities around us, it would shoot and die for me. I imagined replying to it, that’s a very sweet gesture, but I’m not about to commit pre-meditated camera murder.

The last time I was so careless with a point-and-shoot it received death by drowning because I jumped into a swamp and forgot that it was in my back jean pocket. Oops.

No, no, I wouldn’t knowingly operate my camera with bike-grease covered hands just to get one more photo of a beach with a palm tree. (Thus, end today’s photo roll.) I should look into greasing that chain. ☼