I’m a big sailing enthusiast. When I’ve saved up to buy my own boat, my dream is to go cruising. In the mean time, I enjoy writing about my sailing experiences and plan on pitching to the following magazines:

Attitudes & Latitudes


Editor/Publisher: Bob Bitchin

Address: PO Box 668, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Email:  editor@seafaring.com

Submission Guidelines: ‘Feature Stories’ are stories of interest to cruisers and sailors about the cruising lifestyle or specific events, adventures or mis-adventures. Must include good digital photos, slides or prints. May be from two to ten pages of text.

Formatting: Preferred submissions should be on CD. Documents should be in Microsoft Word or simple text.

Helpful tips: Submissions can also be emailed, but stand a greater risk of being lost in the “system.”

Pay rate: $100-?

Full submission guidelines

Sailing Breezes Online Magazine


Managing Editor: Alan Kretzschmar

Address: 3949 Winnetka Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55427

Email:  alan@sailingbreezes.com

Submission Guidelines: Submissions for feature consideration (main or cover stories) should be written in the first person and range from approximately 1,000-3,000 words. Manuscripts submitted for non-features such as: boat/book/product reviews, technical, and general interest articles, should not exceed 2,000 words. Enclose an author’s bio, including sailing experience, and type of boat.

Formatting: Files sent by e-mail should be MS Word, or compatible text. Copying and pasting the text into the body of the e-mail is a good way to avoid any compatibility issues. Picture and artwork files should be in TIFF, JPG or PDF.

Helpful tips: Including artwork and caption sheet with your article will increase your chances of getting published. Northern Breezes accepts numerous articles that have been previously published elsewhere. If your manuscript was previously published in part or whole, let them know when and where.

Pay rate: $50-$150

Full submission guidelines



Editor/Publisher: Bill Shanen

Address: 125 E Main St., P.O. Box 249, Port Washington, WI 53074

Email: editorial@sailingmagazine.net

Submission Guidelines: Short news stories for ‘Splashes’ range in length from 100 to 500 words. ‘Features’ range in length from 1,000 to 3,000 words. SAILING does not accept poetry, first-time sail experiences, fiction or log-type stories.

Helpful tips: SAILING‘s readers are experienced sailors, so articles should be written with that in mind, using proper sailing terminology and avoid undue explanation of basic sailing jargon.

Pay rate: $50-$500

Full submission guidelines

Blue Water Sailing


Managing Editor: Valerie Adams Meffert

Address: 747 Aquidneck Ave., Ste. 201, Middletown, RI 02842

Email:  valerie@bwsailing.com

Submission Guidelines: ‘Destinations’ articles focus in on great and interesting cruising grounds from near and far, whether it be San Francisco Bay or Botany Bay. Blue Water Sailing offers readers good first-person stories about sailing to a new place, encountering a new land, meeting new people and learning new things. Sidebars on local knowledge, resources, etc., are helpful. 1,000 to 2,000 words.

Formating: Word format, sent on CD/DVD or via e-mail as attachments.

Helpful tips: Because the magazine is planned months in advance, it is helpful to query with story ideas prior to sending a completed article.

Pay rate: Not stated.

Full submission guidelines

Cruising World


Managing Editor: Elaine Lembo

Address: 55 Hammarlund Way, Middletown, RI 02842

Email: cw.manuscripts@gmail.com

Submission Guidelines: Manuscripts submitted for Feature consideration (center of the magazine) should be written in the first person and not exceed approximately 2,500 words. Manuscripts submitted for consideration as Non-features (technical articles and general interest, front and back of the magazine) should not exceed 2,000 words. “Log style” articles are generally unacceptable.

Formating: Word format or as text files. Digital artwork or photography must be in separate files.

Helpful tips: For technical articles, please query first. If we like your proposal we’ll offer guidelines for making it fit within our editorial requirements.

Pay rate: $25-$200 for short, newsworthy items; $300-$1,000 for technical and feature articles

Full submission guidelines

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