Last week I wrote about how my blog theme is broken. And, as you can see, it’s still broken.

For those of you that pay attention to little details such as the tidbit I wrote about how you would be ‘seeing a new blog in one week,’ I applaud you for reading my blog so closely. As for me, running my mouth making promises I can’t keep, shame on me.

Over the past several years, this blog has undergone many cosmetic changes. On any given day I’ll decide, “My theme kinda sucks. I want a new one.” Then I’ll go prowling through theme gallery after theme gallery on the hunt for a new look. A cleaner, edgier theme that better represents me.  But, I’ve finally realized that draping my blog in a new set of fonts and colors isn’t the change that I’m looking for. Simply altering the look of my website isn’t solving the underlying problem.

Why do people read blogs? Because they like the content. Why do people read my blog? Because they (Hi Mom! Hi Omi!) care about me and are interested in what’s happening in my life. As for the rest of you who’s names aren’t Mom or Omi, I’d love to hear about why you like reading my blog. I also want to know what you don’t like. Maybe you can tell me in the comments below.

In order to make a real change to my blog, I need to take a look at its content. To make a change to its content, I need to take a look at myself. Looking at myself requires me to evaluate my life and my goals for the future. And this, I’ve discovered, takes longer than a week.

Up until this point, everything I’ve written (minus a few recent posts I’ve made about the book) has been about my past experiences. Places that I’ve explored and things that I’ve done. A diary, if you will. This has worked out fine. It’s the reason why modern blogging evolved in the first place. But, I want my blog to be something more.

For the handful of my family and friends (and blogger pal Stephanie from MonsteRawr!) who are loyal readers, thank you so much. I appreciate your genuine interest in my blog, every comment you’ve ever made and all the positive support you’ve given me. You are the reason I keep writing.

What I want now is to share with you more than just the past. I want to share with you the future. I want to to let you in. I want to tell you about the things I hope to achieve. My dreaming. (And Kirk’s scheming.) I want to lay bare my goals. I want to inspire you to create your own. I want you sit shotgun on my roller coaster ride to making my dreams come true.

Are you in? ☼