Did you notice that? (Actually, that lack-thereof.)

What happened to my blog name? What happened to my photo of the Anza-Borrego Desert? All of a sudden, it was all gone.

My blog is broken. Sometime in the last week a bit of back-end code came out of alignment. I have no idea where in the complex WordPress mainframe to find the glitch. Some file, some where in the matrix, probably received an automatic update, to which most of the other files said, Sure that’s cool, you can hang with us, New Code Guy. But one maverick file decided to throw a fit. Screw you, loser! he screamed. (My blog’s files are masculine.)

And poof! Gone be my banner.

What do I do when technical stuff like this goes wrong? I ask Kirk. He usually has the answer, even if the answer is “Go look in the forums.” Which is fine, because, more often than not, after a few minutes poking around on the internet and a few hours of performing surgery on my blog’s php files, I get my site to do what I want it to do.

But this time, Kirk said, “I don’t really know, man.” Which is a half-lie I think, because he’s always been able to fix anything that has gone wrong with my blog. On second thought, always is a strong word, especially when coupled with anything. I think I’ve just come to see Kirk as my Web Design Superhero, complete with WWW across his chest and a fluttering cape embroidered with php code, css properties, and HTML tags running along the hem.

Alas, Kirk the Web Design Superhero, can’t always be expected to save the distressed blogger maiden from the broken-code breathing dragon. This time, instead of crawling into the bowels of the WordPress fortress to fix the crumbling foundation, the blogger maiden is going to set sail to a faraway land and find herself a new blog castle. Pre-built and move-in ready, that is.

So what does this blog fantasy mean for you? In one week, you will see a new blog. A new look, new content, and a new direction. ☼