At nearly 4000 square feet, this Carlsbad house mansion was our step up to the big leagues. A customĀ 4 bed 4 1/2 bath, it was listed for $965,000.

This monster dwarfed the other shacks around it.

Lucky for us, it was professionally staged.

The kitchen had two of everything. Two refrigerators, two dishwashers and two ranges (well, one giant one.)

This shot looking down from the balcony is my favorite. The one below of the bedroom is Kirk’s.

Photos not bad, eh? I think they turned out well, considering the rush we were in. This was the first of two shoots we had booked back-to-back, so we had an extremely tight schedule to keep. (Lesson learned, we won’t do that again.) They must have reeled someone in though, because after only 6 days on the market, this property was SOLD! Have a look at all of the photos in the gallery below. ☼