It’s time to celebrate! With the completion of property shoots #5 and #6, we are officially in the black. We have now reimbursed ourselves for all of our overhead expenses. Some of the items we’ve purchased so far include:

And guess what else? We already have an informal contract with one of our clients to do three more properties!

But where, you ask, are the photos from all these shoots?

If you recall (and if you don’t, I won’t blame you), the last time I posted an update about our real estate endeavor was during the first week of April. We had just completed shoot #3, a house in Escondido. In mid-May we completed shoot #4, an apartment in Pacific Beach. We completed shoots #5, another apartment in PB, and #6, a duplex in South Park, back-to-back this past Tuesday morning. (Kirk and I woke to the alarm going off at 5:25 a.m. Talk about a jolt to our roll-out-of-bed-whenever routine.)

You had to wake up early? Who cares. What about the photos?

Under contract, I’m not allowed to publish any of the photos from shoots #4 and #5, as well as the future three shoots I just mentioned. All of these properties are owned by a client who requested full rights to the photos. This prevents us from using them for absolutely any reason. We can’t put them in our portfolio, use them in our marketing materials or stick them on the front of this year’s Christmas card. Bummer. (But, I’ll let you in on a little secret: so far, this client’s properties have turned out to be unfurnished condo units with white walls, white cabinets, and white vinyl floors. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.)

However, the duplex in South Park that we shot this week (#6), was for a regular ‘ol client, with no squabbling around about rights. And so, feast your eyes on these babies:

Okay, so not totally spectacular, but as always, we work with what we get. But make sure you have a little Carmen Sandiego-like gander at this livingroom photo just above. Notice anything interesting?

You don’t have to peer too hard. It’s right there on the flat screen. (Yes, Kirk thinks he’s fancy, huh with his Photoshop skills.) ☼