The evening started with this drink…

…and then promptly ended at 6:30 p.m.

Really. The two of us razzy youngsters were tucked in our motel beds (yes “beds” plural – twin beds on opposite sides of the room) and asleep by half past 7.

It doesn’t sound razzy or young to be already snoozing around the time old folks are finishing supper. Come to think, Kirk and I are more dorky than hip, and mathematically closer to thirty than twenty. Eeek.

That morning, back in San Jose, we had loaded the car, dropped Natalia off at work and hit the road. By mid-afternoon we had arrived at the cluster of shops, backpackers and motels that is Manuel Antonio. With no hotel booked (we live dangerously), Kirk and I split up to inquire at various front desks about nightly rates. For a mere $38, Hotel Vela Bar gave us a small cave of a room with a pair of twin beds, a fan, and two — count them – one, TWO — complimentary bars of soap. But we could care less about all those luxuries. All we needed was a place to sleep. After moving our bags from the car to the room, we walked to the beach and went for a swim.

Which, after a shower and a change of clothes, brings us back to happy hour at the Marlin Restaurant. And back to that margarita. Which has now turned into a piña colada.

But never mind all that. Who, on their vacation, goes to bed before prime time TV even starts?

We do. We did. (I shouldn’t rob the future us of potential coolness.) More importantly: Why? I’ve chalked it up to a combination of the following:

  • Drinks. One too many, one too few. We unfortunately consumed the magic number of happy hour beverages that puts one right in between ‘Taking the Edge Off’ and ‘Starting to Get Trashed.’ Rather, we were right at ‘Damnit, Now I’m Just Sleepy.’
  • Budget. We didn’t have the budget to save ourselves from ‘Damnit, Now I’m Just Sleepy.’ Nor did we necessarily desire to move into ‘Starting to Get Trashed.’ Personally, I prefer to reserve that category for special occasions.  (An hour before TC & Michelle’s wedding reception had even begun, for example.)
  • Lack of Electrically-Powered Stimuli. Have you experienced a power-outage in the last half-decade? Isn’t it amazing how everything seems to grind to a halt? You can’t watch TV. You can’t use the internet. You probably can’t use your computer at all unless your laptop has a bit of battery left. You can’t read a book because you keep burning the pages on the candle flame. Kirk and I felt stonewalled by the darkness. (Our electricity wasn’t actually out. We did have lights.)

Maybe we could…

Talk. This was unfortunately thwarted by the ramifications of bullet #1.

Go for a walk. Check. Didn’t last long.

Lastly, Head to a bar/restaurant. Thwarted by bullets #1 and #2.

Final option? Crash early. Oh so early.

Check. ☼

~ ~ ~

Next up: Two Gringos Go Surfing