The blog, that is. Considering that I’ve been living in California for nearly three months now, it’s about time my blog reflects some of that ocean water and sunshine I see every day. (Yes, I know. Spoiled rotten.)

In honor of the redecoration, I thought I’d dig up the rest of the photos I’ve used recently as banner images. Looking through them, it’s fun to see where I’ve lived and traveled in this last year. (You can view them full size by clicking on the gallery at the end of the post.)

La Jolla Cove

Daisies on the cliffs overlooking La Jolla Cove in Southern California, April 2011.

I-70, Utah

Road trip from Michigan to California, January 2011. (Photo credit: Kirk)

Big Bend, Wisconsin

My parent’s backyard, December 2010.

Coon Lake, Michigan

Kirk chills out with a beer while watching the waterskiers, September 2010.

Freshwater Beach, Australia

Hiking from Queenscliff to Curl Curl, April 2010.

Manly, Australia

View from our apartment balcony, February 2010. (Photo credit: Kirk)

Highway 1

After the storm, somewhere between LA and San Francisco, January 2010.

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