It’s now been two months since Kirk and I started brainstorming our real estate photography business.

Six weeks ago, we shot our first house.

In the last two weeks, we’ve shot our second and third. The month draught between the first and second was unnerving, but then – just a few days after shooting the second – came our third. Yay! Or so we thought.

This third gig didn’t look promising. The telling signs of the job, including…

  • The guy who hired us didn’t sound like he was a real estate agent, which would mean little chance for repeat business.
  • The house was located in Escondido – an inland town not known for its high property values.
  • It was 1000 sq. ft – now that’s tiny. Personally, one day when I own my own house, I’d like it to be 1000 sq. ft. (less to clean!), but for real estate photography? Probably not good for the portfolio.

… all pointed in one direction: this job wasn’t going to be worth it.

And if we weren’t convinced before, when we rolled up to the driveway, Kirk sighed.

“Oh great.”

The whole point of our 50% Off! promotion was to attract new clients, wow! these clients with our fantastic skills and shining customer service, make them want to call us again and again, and lastly, build our portfolio. Of course, $75 photo shoots will also attract people just looking for a one-time good deal, and we won’t always be able to get around that.

But, even though all the signs pointed to a write-off,

when we looked a little closer…

we couldn’t have really hoped for a nicer interior.

We’ll take it.

Not the house, of course.

Just the photos, for our portfolio, that is. ☼