Oh hey, remember that little real estate photography business I told you about?

It’s still kickin’. Rather anemically, but still.

One month ago today, I shot photos of 4417 Arbor Cove Circle, our very first gig. After two appearances at real estate caravans, five trips to FedEx Office to print marketing materials, a dozen visits to real estate offices to flaunt our pretty faces (and to distribute marketing materials), we finally booked our second job: 2720 Avalon Avenue. And we thought getting the first job would be the hardest. Yikes.

The homeowner was still in her nightgown with a scrub brush in hand when we arrived. Apparently a stickler for details, she hadn’t had time to change clothes because she was too busy trying to buff and shine every square inch of her house. Besides having to hop-scotch around while we waited for her to finish prepping the various rooms, the shoot went well. Better to overdo [cleaning] than under-do, I say. Better a motivated homeowner than a laxidasical one.

I’m pretty happy with the photos. (Thank goodness this time around The Editor wasn’t off skiing in Colorado.) ☼

2720 Avalon Avenue